Here's Our Story

When I started Under a Texas Sky, we had just lost our 27 year old son-in-law to colon cancer. I was deeply struck by his death and the fact that he was so young. Something bloomed inside of me shortly thereafter that had me learning all sorts of craft techniques. I was obsessed with the idea of adding something  beautiful to the world. 

With that, Under a Texas Sky was born. In the past seven years I've grown my YouTube channel that includes all sorts of craft tutorials to over 26k subscribers. Always seeking new ways to express myself, I started painting furniture a few years later. This lead me to discover Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint. I dove right into using all of their products and loved them so much, I decided to become a dealer. That was a year ago. Now my YouTube channel includes tons of painting projects to go along with the myriad of wreath making tutorials that I started with.

Now, with the help of my husband of well over 30 years (lovingly dubbed The Mean Man), I'm branching out yet again. In this very difficult time of home quarantine or shelter in place I found myself wishing I had prettier, more comfy clothes to lounge in. I've worked from home before, but to be truly locked in place has caused me to look at it a bit differently. I don't just want to be in ratty sweat pants or capris all day. I want to be comfy but still feel good about myself.

I also know that with closures of lots of stores, it's hard to pick up items that are just for fun. You have to find some ways to distract yourself if you're stuck at home. I'm offering lots of hobby and craft items for purchase as well. How about puzzles or paint by numbers? I've included things I enjoy. Hopefully you'll find some things you'd like to do.

And lastly, I know that many are having to turn places in our homes into office spaces. I've included lots of home office stuff you might find useful. I tired to think of how to make small areas tidy and organized and well lit. I don't have a ton of stuff here- I'm not equipped like an office supply store, but I offer some things that I feel like will help you make your office spaces comfortable and workable.

It's important that we all take care of ourselves in such a time as this, but really we should do it all the time. It's about getting up and getting dressed (but way more comfy/casual). I refuse to believe this has to be our "new normal." I want to get back to business as usual, but in the meantime  I hope to have items you'll love as much as me. Please look around.